White ants, also known as termites, are the number one enemy of home owners in Australia. These insects form large colonies within the ground and rely on wood as their main source of food. Because of their small size, they often remain undetected. This is why white ant bait stations, or termite bait stations, are essential to have around your home. White ant bait stations allow you to detect termite activity, giving you the opportunity to treat them before they cause significant (and costly) damage to your home.

White Ants in Australia

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White ants pose a big threat to homeowners in Australia, with white ants causing more damage to houses than fires, floods, and storms do annually. There are hundreds of different white ant species in Australia, yet only a few are capable of destroying an entire home.

Of the three white ant types – subterranean, drywood and dampwood – subterranean termites are the most destructive. They can eat up to 6.8kg of wood or cellulose products in a single week!

The Giant Northern Termite is the world’s most destructive species and can completely destroy a home in a matter of months. This particular white ant species is geographically limited to areas in tropical Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

According to CSIRO, one third of all houses in Australia currently have white ant activity. That’s around 130,000 homes a year in Australia alone, with the average repair bill costing about $7,000 per home.

White Ant Bait Stations

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TermiGold’s white ant treatment is an easy-to-use DIY solution for monitoring and removing entire white ant colonies. The main benefit of this product is being able to notice termite activity which would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. Once you notice termite activity in your white ant bait stations, you can apply termite bait which works by eradicating the entire colony.

How Bait Stations Work

White ant bait stations work by attracting and killing off white ants. The Tasmanian Oak timber inserts included within your bait station attract termites to the food source. Once they begin to feed on the contained wood, the bait is then applied. This bait is not only designed to kill termites within the trap, but to kill the entire nest through means of transfer.

For more information on this, read our blog, How Termite Preventions Systems Work.

Early Detection and Prevention

TermiGold’s DIY bait stations provide homeowners with the opportunity to monitor termite activity around their home, and prevent them from accessing the home. This is a great reason why all homeowners should consider bait stations – they are an affordable long-term solution to protect your home from white ants.

Benefits of TermiGold’s White Ant Bait Stations

TermiGold’s bait stations are not only effective, they have a number of benefits that complement their presence around the home. These include:

1. They’re Small & Unnoticeable

TermiGold’s white ant traps sit flush with the grounds surface. They have a sleek, flat design which allows them to go unnoticed from a distance, meaning they won’t disrupt your home’s street appeal. They require minimal digging to install and can even be mowed over to keep your yard looking neat and tidy.

2. They’re Safe for Pets, Kids & The Environment

TermiGold’s bait stations are made from 100% recycled plastics that are designed to last up to 25 years. This means you can feel good about using them, and continue reusing them until they break down naturally.

TermiGold’s white ant bait is also less toxic than table salt. They are safe for your children and pets, yet lethal to termites. This means you can have peace of mind when your family is out playing in the yard. Also, these stations can be used where chemical termite treatments are prohibited – for example, they are safe for use near water sources that could become contaminated.

3. They’re Affordable

In the past, white ant treatment has been synonymous with paying thousands of dollars to have a professional attend your home a few times a year. Thanks to our DIY options, you can now safely, effectively and affordably protect your home from white ants without breaking the bank.

If you’re unsure about spending money to protect your home, our blog, Cost of Termite Damage Repair vs. Cost of Termite Prevention, may put things into perspective for you.

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