Termite Questions

I don’t have termites. Do I still need to protect my home?

Yes. Termites are master hiders and can go undetected for months causing thousands of $$$ in structural damage to your home! Installing a Termigold termite barrier around your home using our easy to follow instructions will protect against the threat of termite attack.

Are white ants the same as termites?

Yes, termites are sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’. They are far more destructive than ants though!

What types of wood do termites eat?

Termites eat hardwood and softwood, and can use treated wood as a bridge to a food source they love. We have even seen termites eat through Cyprus pine which is a natural deterrent for termites to get to a timber they love.

How do know if I have termites?

Some signs of termites are discolouration on a wall, mud leads, soft timber skirtings or door frames and bubbling paint. Some species of termites will make a sound like they are eating your home.To see the signs of termites, visit our termite information page.

Does my insurance policy cover termite damage?

No. Home insurance covers unexpected damage, and unfortunately this does not include termites!

How do I use your products?

Every TermiGold purchase comes with easy-to-follow instructions and tutorial videos that tell you everything you need to know.This is done in a step by step process just like the professionals.

What do I do if I find termites?

If you have found termites, you should apply TermiGold bait directly on top of infected areas. You should also set up bait stations around the perimeter of your home to ensure that the colony is eliminated, and to provide ongoing protection. Once termites have entered a dwelling they leave a pheromone trail which acts as an attractant for other colonies. NOTE: It is really important that you do not spray termites with a house old pest spray as this will only encourage them to move to another part of your home.

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