Termite prevention systems work by consistently monitoring and baiting termites to eliminate an entire colony. This system is put in place to intercept termites before they get to your home, in order to prevent termite activity in your home. But, how do they work?


Placement of Termite Prevention Systems

When TermiGold’s termite bait stations are positioned no more than 3-meters apart around the perimeter of the property, termites are unable to breach this gap and enter your home.

Years of experience and research has shown that termites are significantly less likely to breach through a 3-meter gap due to the carbon dioxide levels being emitted from the timber and cardboard inside the station. The carbon dioxide spans across a 2-meter radius, so the 3-meter gap guarantees an overlap and causes termites to veer off to a nearby station. Once they reach the station, they will feed on the Tasmanian oak timber, one of their favourite sources of food.

Consistent Monitoring

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Regular inspections and monitoring of the termite stations are vital to its success. As termite bait must be applied to active termites, these stations must be checked monthly in order to determine termite activity. Once termites are found in the stations, bait is added and the transfer effect will begin. Stations are checked and rebaited every three – four weeks until the colony is eliminated.

In the final stage of colony elimination, when monitoring for termite activity, you’ll notice soldier termites. This is because worker termites feed the soldiers, so once there are no workers left in the colony, the soldiers must search for a food source on their own. Soldier termites are identifiable by their larger size and mandibles. Once these are seen, the colony is almost eliminated.

How Termite Bait Works

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Once termites feed on TermiGold’s termite bait, the worker termites bring the food source back to the colony.  Every termite which is in contact with the baited termite will succumb to the effects of the bait. The active chemical in TermiGold’s termite bait prevents termites from moulting. This can do one of two things:

  1. This can kill off the workers, which results in the queen and the soldiers dying of starvation.
  2. Or, when the termites die during the moulting process, they release a form of ammonia which kills the queen.

These termite systems are designed to eliminate the queen. Regardless of how the worker termites die, once the queen is dead, the colony can’t survive any longer than two weeks.

The Benefits of a Termite Prevention System

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As well as being guaranteed to eliminate an entire termite colony, there are many benefits of installing a termite prevention system around your home. These include:

  1. Peace of mind that termites are not feeding on your home.
  2. Stations can be installed in a range of construction types.
  3. The weather doesn’t impact its effectiveness.
  4. The bait is toxic to all termites but safe for children and pets.
  5. There are no chemicals being pumped into the ground, so it’s safe for the environment.

Shop Your Termite Prevention System Online

Shop online today to protect your home from termites! If you have any questions regarding termite prevention or would like to know more about the DIY process, feel free to get in touch with the TermiGold team.

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