How Does the Cost of Termite Damage Repair Compare to the Cost of Termite Prevention?

In Australia, termites pose one of the largest threats to residential properties. In Queensland specifically, your home is at extreme risk for termite infestation. Experts found that one in every three homes is at risk of termite infestation now, and two in every three homes are likely to face a termite problem in the future. With termite damage repair costing up to $1000 per week, the simple solution would be to protect your home before it happens. Let’s see how much termite protection costs in comparison to termite damage repair.

How Do You Know If You Have Termites?

Most people will make the decision to protect their homes once they’ve already experienced signs of termite infestation. In our opinion, this is already too late! Knowing how to recognise termites is essential if you want to safeguard your home and avoid paying for termite damage repair. These are key identifiers:

  • Flying termites (or dropped wings)
  • Papery or hollow timber
  • Hard to open doors or windows
  • Termite (mud) tunnels
  • Dampness or mouldy patches can also be an indication of termites

If you spot any of these telltale signs – act now and destroy the termites that are destroying your home! TermiGold has all the DIY solutions needed to exterminate termites.

Termite Damage Repair Cost

Wooden Debris

If you missed the signs of a termite infestation and left your home untreated, you could be in trouble. In 2006, The Australian Institute of Architects estimated that Australians spent about one billion dollars per year on termite damage repairs. In 2012, termite damage repair and removal costs climbed to one and a half billion dollars per year. With that figure steadily increasing, it’s scary to think what the cost of termite damage repair in your home could be.

The following are potential costs termite damage repair can incur:

  • Cosmetic Repair: These costs are especially pricey depending on the materials the termites have destroyed. Termite infestations can affect skirtings, plaster, hardwood floors and other building materials.


  • Structural Repairs: A termite infestation in your home can weaken the wooden framing and supports that keep your home intact. To repair the structural posts, flooring or walls may need to be removed! This is a very expensive and lengthy process.
  • Home Resale Cost: A 2015 Australian study showed that a previous termite problem could reduce the value of your home by as much as 25%! With the majority of properties for sale undergoing a termite inspection, these outlying costs come straight out of your pocket.


As termite damage repair costs are a case by case basis, it’s hard to inform on the potential average. One study showed an average cost of termite damage repair was $6,500. However, If left untreated the cost can vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Termite Prevention Cost

For a standard-sized home, TermiGold’s in-ground termite bait station kit and a year’s quantity of bait will put you out of pocket $699. That’s $13.44 a week! Based on these calculations the cost of prevention for each size home is as follows:

With termite damage repair estimated to cost up to $1000 per week of infestation, in comparison to TermiGold’s prevention barriers costing less than $25 per week, it’d be silly not to invest.  Installing a termite kit to protect your home is the only thing stopping your home from becoming an expensive nightmare.

Effectively Protect Your Home From Termites

Without a protective barrier around your home, you cannot guarantee that termites will not attack your home and feed off your house. To avoid costly termite damage repair costs in the future, contact TermiGold today to effectively protect your home.

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