There’s nothing quite as damaging to a building structure as termites. These pests live to chew through wooden and plant-based materials until there’s nothing left but sawdust.

Termites caused over $100M worth of property damage in Australia last year, more than flooding, fires or cyclones, which is not covered by insurance. Termites are classified as an insect and therefore preventable damage. Regular termite inspections are one way to prevent termites, however, there is also an equally effective and affordable solution – termite bait stations.

This guide will discuss how to identify and how to kill termites at your home as well as establish a system to prevent them from ever getting out of control.


Conduct A Search Of Your Home

The Most Destructive Species of Termites in Australia are drywood termites, subterranean termites and dampwood termites. Before you install a termite prevention system, it’s worthwhile conducting a search of your home. To Identify A Termite Infestation In Your Home you’ll only need a torch and screwdriver. Move around your home methodically, tapping on the walls and checking for these Five Signs of Termites:

  • Flying Termites Wings
  • Papery or Hollow Timber
  • Tight Doors and Windows
  • Termite Tunnels (mud tubes)
  • Termite Droppings (frass)

How To Get Rid Of Termites

Once you have concluded your search, you may have discovered that there is indeed termites present. It’s time to get rid of them ASAP! Termites can destroy a wall in less than three months, so the longer it takes you to act, the more expensive the repair bill is going to be. Baiting on Active Termites Inside Your Home is one way to kill the colony.

Ideally, you want to stop the termite colony before it reaches your house. At TermiGold, we specialise in termite baiting systems, – a DIY termite prevention and extermination solution that’s safe, affordable and effective. They are discreet and unobtrusive, so they won’t ruin the view of your beloved lawn. Each of the bait stations come with one year’s supply of termite bait and timbers, and if you wish to keep protecting your home there’s an affordable top up kit.

24-Kit - termite bait stations

Using A Termite Bait Station

If you’re wondering how to kill termites, using a Termite Baiting Station is an option that’s easier than you might think. Most people choose to have a professional termite inspection conducted at their home because they think that it’s too difficult and time-consuming. Whilst it’s not as easy as lying on the couch whilst the inspector goes knocking on the walls, it’s certainly a job you can tick off on a Saturday morning.

Termite baiting systems aren’t complicated. There is minimal equipment needed, all you need is a shovel and maybe a wheelbarrow to help move the excess dirt. Installing A Bait Station is straightforward — simply dig a hole in the ground, place the station inside, pack the dirt around it tightly and finish the top flush with soil. Wondering How Many Stations You Need? You can calculate it by measuring the lineal metres around your home, divide it by three and that’s the number of bait stations you should install.

Once you have installed the bait stations, monitor them for activity once a month and if you notice termites, you can Easily Apply Bait and wait for the colony to be eliminated. Each year, you can order a TermiGold Termite Bait Refill to stay on top of monitoring.

Don’t Let Termites Become A Regret & Protect Your Home

TermiGold is a professional and reliable provider of Termite Bait Stations. We’ve helped hundreds of Aussies take control of their termite monitoring and protect their home. If you have any questions about our Termite Bait Stations, Instructions on the Baiting Process or anything else, don’t hesitate to Get In Touch with our friendly termite experts.


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