So another question we get a lot is, “Is a termite station and a full system easy to install?” Well, that’s a station, you can see the depth of it, it’s only 15cm. If you can put a pot plant in or a little plant in a pot that size, you can put these stations in around your home. Very simple and easy, dig down a bit below the depth, put the station in the ground, pack dirt around it, nice and tight, finish the top flush with the soil and you’re right to go. We have also done a video on how to install a station, you will find it under tips and tricks. If you treat each one like an individual pot plant and put 20 odd around your home, it can take three or four hours, but just think you’re saving $3,000 to $4,000 on most jobs.

So buy the kit, install it yourself making sure you check the stations once a month and only bait on the active termites. We say to check the stations once a month in that first year because nothing’s been done for a long time and you’ve got a lot of mature colonies around the area. We haven’t had one home in the areas we work in that hasn’t had one station hit in a year and that’s with over a thousand systems. We’ve always found active termites in at least one station. The highest we’ve had, we installed 52 stations around a house and 19 were active in the first month, that was full on, three different species, but we’re in a pretty hot termite zone. You may or may not have that amount of activity but you’ll always get hit if you’ve got active termites in the area because they are always foraging through the soil. So when they’re active, bait on them, get rid of that colony.

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