A quick video showing you how to properly bait on active termites

Baiting on Active Termites Inside Your Home

So, we’re going to show you baiting into the door frame first. As you can see, there’s termite damage to this architrave at the top of the door frame, we’re just pulling the damaged area off to create a cavity. You just want to create that cavity big enough, to apply your bait into that area and push it right into the workings. We’re baiting on active termites here, so they take over from eating the door frame to eating the bait and taking it back to the colony. Just compress that bait in nice and neatly and then tape over it guys, it’s as simple as that. Pull the workings away, create a cavity, push the bait in and tape over it. Leave this for two to three weeks and then re-apply until this colony is gone.  You’ll find no active termites, once the full colony is gone. Very simple. Don’t check it any earlier than two to three weeks.

Here you can see we’ve got a wall frame, so you can see the damage on the external corner of the skirting and also on the plasterboard. We simply cut a hole into the wall where the active termites are and bait directly on them.  Here the species are Coptotermes, you’ll see them crawling around. These guys can do $1,000 a week damage to your home. Once they feed on the bait, they can’t do any more structural damage to your timber. So, it’s important to bait directly on them. Get them feeding as quick as possible. Simple process the same again, push the bait into the wall cavity, couple of handfuls of bait, get them feeding on the bait, tape over it and re-apply the same process in two to three weeks. Don’t check it any earlier, just let them do their thing, let them feed. It’s a patience game baiting, it could take a fair few goes of bait to get rid of the colony, but it doesn’t matter the size of the colony, it will be completely gone and that won’t be a threat to your home.

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