So this is a pretty easy maths equation; if you measure the linear meters around your home where the stations are going to go – this might be around a patio, around a pool or just outside your footpaths. Once you have the whole distance, divide it by three, and that’ll give you the amount of stations you need because we’re running at three meter centres ie if you’ve got a 60 linear meter home (which is pretty common standard for a little three bedroom home) you’ll need 20 stations. You can buy either a 12 pack, 24 pack, 30 pack, 48 pack or 60 pack, we also do custom packs.

Measure the lineal meters, divide it by three and this will give you the number of stations you need around your home, that’s if you want a full system. If you want to go strategic, you can go less, just measure the distance of the areas you want to protect but the best way to get full protection is to go no more than three meter centres around your home to form a complete barrier. This will create an interception zone from termites wandering into your home, they’re going to veer off to the stations, then you can bait on them and get rid of that colony.

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