It’s a common misconception that termites hibernate during the winter. The fact is that termites remain active all year round, even during the colder winter months. There are slight routine changes to termite activity in winter (compared to their activity in summer) however, the cooler weather doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get complacent with your termite protection methods. No matter the time of year, unless you’re actively protecting your home, your home isn’t safe from a termite attack.

What Termites Need to Survive During the Winter

termite activity in winter

In order for termites to survive, they need water, food and warmth. For subterranean termites, this desire for warmth typically sends them deeper below the ground where they nest in the soil.

As warmth is the main criteria driving termite activity in winter, termites will attempt to find their way into your home, or tunnel beneath it. It’s important to be mindful of any heated spaces around or under your home, such as:

  • Heated crawls spaces beneath your home
  • Dirt basement / sub-floor
  • Other warm areas where the soil is warm
  • Tree stumps

It’s also important to watch out for these 5 Termite Lures.

Termites Feed All Winter Long

If termites have already found shelter and food in your home before the cooler weather sets in, they will not be impacted by the cooler outdoor temperatures. Termites don’t require sleep to build energy, so they’re able to feed on the wood of your home’s foundation all throughout the winter.

Winter is the Ideal Time For Termite Treatment

termite activity in winter 2

Winter is the ideal time to install termite bait stations as termites are slightly more predictable during cooler weather. Unlike in summer, where termites are more likely to travel further for food, in winter, termites prefer to stay closer to their nests. This results in a higher likelihood of termites feeding on the termite bait you’ve installed.

DIY Inspections For Termite Activity

Although termites may be more difficult to find during winter, they are still possible to detect. Follow our guide, Carry out a Termite Inspection like a Professional, to complete the termite inspection process!

You’ll be able to detect them if you look out for these key identifying factors:

  • Papery or hollow timber
  • Tight door frames and windows
  • Termite mud leads
  • Dampness or mouldy patches can also be an indication of termites

To Reduce Your Chances of Termite Activity in Winter, Contact TermiGold

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