DIY Termite Bait Melbourne

DIY Termite Bait Melbourne

Termites are renowned for their capability to destroy timber structures, support beams, walls and door and window frames in an extremely short period of time. A standard sized subterranean termite colony can eat as much as 6.8kg of wood and other materials per week! This is why it’s so important to protect your biggest asset, your home. And it doesn’t need to be difficult. TermiGold offers the easiest and most effective DIY Termite Bait Melbourne has to offer.

DIY Termite Bait Melbourne

DIY termite treatment is more affordable than traditional termite protection methods and is equally as efficient as calling out a professional. In fact, baiting termites is the only scientifically proven way to eliminate an entire colony. Other methods simply relocate the colony to other areas of your home. Just by TermiGold’s DIY termite bait in conjunction with our in-ground termite stations, you can effectively treat termites at home.

TermiGold’s termite bait is also safe for pets, children and the environment so you don’t have to worry about those in your family who may be exposed to it.

In-Ground Termite Stations

48 Kit - White BG - termite bait stations

TermiGold’s in-ground termite bait stations contain timber which attracts termites. When placed around the perimeter of your home, termites will begin to enter these stations. Once you detect termite activity, you can bait directly on them and in just a few months, the entire colony will be eliminated.

Bait stations are an affordable termite prevention solution, and they use the most effective DIY termite bait Melbourne has to offer. TermiGold provides all the DIY equipment you need, as well as easy-to-follow tutorials to ensure you get the most out of your termite bait stations.

Solutions For Every Sized Home in Melbourne

TermiGold offers DIY solutions to suit a wide range of home sizes. These include:


Contact TermiGold For The Best Termite Stations and DIY Termite Bait Melbourne Has to Offer

Follow our step by step guide on How To Mix Termigold Termite Bait and How to Load a Termite Station to quickly and effectively eradicate termites from your home. If you require more information or personalised advice for your situation, get in touch with TermiGold today. We also provide termite bait across Australia, including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

We Have a Solution for Every Termite Problem

At TermiGold, we provide all of the Termite Bait and Termite equipment that you need in the Gold Coast, along with easy-to-follow tutorials and videos that will ensure you get the most out of our products.

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