A quick video showing you how to properly mix Termigold’s termite bait

What You Will Need

  • Termigold Bait
  • Clean measuring jug
  • Clean disposable gloves
  • Clean container for mixing bait
  • Bottled or tank water where possible for best results
  • Clean large soup spoon or similar for measuring out bait
  • Clean tablespoon or similar for mixing bait

Mixing the Bait:

Pour 350ml of your filtered, clean tank or bottled water into your clean, empty bucket

Open the lid of your bait bucket and roll down the plastic bag. Using your large clean spoon to scoop bait into your clean measuring jug, gently tap the base of the measuring jug on a flat surface so as to settle the bait. You want 500ml of bait. Alternatively, you can use a set of scales and measure out 100gms of bait.

Pour the your 500ml of bait (or 100gms) on top of your water in your clean, empty bucket and use your clean tablespoon to gently mix the bait until combined.

Wearing your clean disposable gloves finish mixing the bait with your hands until combined to form a playdough / stiff mashed potato consistency.

Apply the bait directly on to active termites and cover

STORING YOUR BAIT: The bait is not sensitive to heat or cold temperatures so can be stored anywhere just make sure it is not contaminated by always using clean gloved hands or spoon and folding the plastic bag closed and securing the lid tightly.

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