Termites in Brisbane can be particularly nasty due to our warm summers, mild winters, and wet bushlands. And while all homeowners should be looking to protect their home from termite destruction, there are a few suburbs in particular that report high levels of termite activity. There’s a good reason for this, and we’ll go into more detail explaining why these pests thrive where they do.

It’s important to be proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to targeting and eliminating termites. You simply don’t want to risk them entering your home and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. In our previous posts, we’ve discussed the main lures for termites, so identifying these and minimising them is the first step to ensure they don’t get close enough to your home to begin feeding on it. The main takeaways to note is that termites are attracted by moisture, broken downpipes, woodpiles, and vegetation. And, once they find a valuable food source, the colony will expand and intuitively search for more timber, making your home the perfect feeding ground for termites in Brisbane.

The following suburbs aren’t listed in any particular order, they are all high-risk for termite activity. Here’s why.



Carindale is a high-density suburb which features many townhouses and unit blocks. Once a termite colony settles into just one of these properties, they can travel up to fifty meters to build a new sub-nest.  These densely populated properties allow termites to move quickly between individual timber structures, increasing the potential for an entire block to be affected.

Carindale isn’t the only suburb that carries this particular risk, all Brisbane suburbs with a high rental occupancy are at risk.



Nundah is known for its population of ‘character homes’ such as Queenslanders, bungalows, and dated war homes which feature tin and timber as their main foundation. Large amounts of timber in the area alone make a great breeding ground for termites.

As well as this, these predominately older style homes are set on larger blocks of land with pockets of bushland in between. Many people buy in these areas due to the potential to complete renovation projects that transform a home. And while cost-saving initiatives are ideal for the short-term, a poorly completed renovation can cause leaks, pools of moisture to form in the home, and also increase the number of entry points for termites to take advantage of.

This is not only true for Nundah, but for many of Brisbane’s older suburbs featuring home’s recently undergone renovation.



Carina is an older suburb which is surrounded by areas of bushland, where termites thrive in. Generally, when properties are built on slabs, a physical termite barrier is laid down during construction. These termite barriers used during construction don’t function as termite repellents, they simply block access to the home. And while this is effective at protecting homes from termites for a period of time, they deteriorate, exposing homes to termite damage the longer the house remains unprotected.

Ten years is often all it takes for a chemical pre-construction treatment, or under-slab termite treatment to deteriorate. These types of homes in all Brisbane suburbs are vulnerable to a termite attack.



Annerley is one of oldest suburbs in Brisbane mainly featuring Queenslanders with large blocks of land. Many homeowners are tempted to store items under the home and around the property that termites love to feed on. Whether it’s wood or old papers, termites have the surrounding soil to search for it and find it.

Any properties with primarily timber structures as well as ample storage space are at high risk of termite infestation. It’s important that any stored wood around the home is covered and not prone to moisture from the rain.

Areas to be Careful Of

termites-in-Brisbane-areasTermites are everywhere, but there are some areas they can’t get enough of. These include:

  • Areas with leafy surrounds
  • Properties backing onto bushland/parks
  • Flood prone areas / low lying suburbs
  • Areas near rivers, creeks and streams

TermiGold’s Advice When Purchasing a Home

We’re not saying these areas should be avoided, but it’s actually a good thing to be a little bit paranoid about termites in your area. When looking to buy a new home, it doesn’t matter if the suburb or surrounding area is renowned for termite activity or not, but it’s important to know your potential home has been protected.

Learn more about the Cost of Termite Damage Repair vs. the Cost of Termite Prevention.

What to do to Protect Your Home From Termites in Brisbane

As a homeowner in any Brisbane suburb, it’s important that you take the initiative to set up TermiGold’s termite bait stations around your home. Even if you’ve just recently undergone a termite inspection.

Why? Bait stations are the most effective solution out there for preventing termites and eliminating entire termite colonies. They attract and kill termites to prevent them from accessing and damaging your home. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Contact TermiGold

If you have any questions about ways to prevent termites in Brisbane or other areas, please get in touch. We provide the most effective DIY termite treatment solutions in Australia. Our products were developed for DIY and professional use, and they are lethal to termites but safe for your family, pets and the environment.

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