Why Our DIY Termite Bait Stations Are the Ultimate Solution

If you have discovered termites in your home – or if you want to take preventative measures to make sure you never do – our DIY termite bait stations are the ultimate solution. Here’s why:

They Are Budget-Friendly

In the past, termite treatment has been synonymous with paying thousands of dollars to have a professional attend your home a few times a year. Thanks to our DIY termite treatment options, you can now safely, effectively and affordably handle your termite problem without making your bank account weep.

All of our termite extermination solutions come with easy-to-follow instructions that were devised by one of the Gold Coast’s leading termite exterminators, so you can guarantee yourself professional yet budget-friendly results.

They Guarantee Total Colony Elimination

Termite baiting is a scientifically-proven method for total termite colony extermination. Simply install our DIY termite bait stations around the perimeter of your property, monitor them over time, and enjoy not ever having to worry about termites damaging your home. Bait stations are a long-term termite solution. They are the number one choice for environmentally-conscious people who want ongoing protection.

They Won’t Disrupt Your Yard or Your Street Appeal

When you use TermiGold bait stations to form a protective barrier around your home, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment or disrupting your lawn, landscaping or street appeal. We designed our stations with your home in mind, so they are aesthetically pleasing, require minimal digging and will sit flush against the grass or gravel in your yard. They are so flat that you can even mow over them! This non-invasive DIY treatment option is a much better solution than chemical treatments, which require deep digging and are terrible for the environment.

60 Kit - White BG - termite bait stations

Safe for Pets, Kids & the Environment

Out termite bait is less toxic than table salt. It is 100% safe for your kids, your pets and your yard – the only thing it’s lethal to is termites! This means that you can use our bait stations with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not causing any harm to those you love. Our stations can be used in all sorts of situations where chemical termite treatments are prohibited – for example, you can use them near water sources that could become contaminated.


Want to find out more about why our DIY termite bait stations are the best solution for your termite problem? Read more on our Tips & Tricks page, browse our FAQs, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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