Another question I get often is, “Why do I need a full barrier around my home? Why can’t I just buy a few stations, or a 12 pack and that’ll do my whole house?”. The reason is, if you’ve got big gaps there’s a good chance termites can breach through that section. So 3 meters is the optimum distance we use as professionals, every job we do, we never exceed the 3 meter mark. It’s a golden rule in our game with baiting and monitoring. You don’t have to go to this level but if you want the best system you can put in that’s what we recommend. Strategic stations work well if you can’t afford the full system but what we do say is try not to exceed 3 meter centre’s around your home. The reason is if you’ve got larger gaps, like 5 or 6 meters, termites can get through that gap and they’re into your home before you know it.

Whereas if you’ve got 3 meter centre’s, normally the co2 levels give off a 2 meter radius from the stations so it overlaps, therefore if they’re going between them, they’ll veer off to one or the other and then you can bait directly into your station. So that’s the main reason why we recommend 3 meter centre’s and a full system around your home for the best protection possible.

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