This is a great question because people have never done this and they’re learning. So what we say is wherever you find active termites you bait, even if you haven’t found a lot in that area still put some bait on it and test it. What I say to a lot of people doing it themselves which are you guys out there, is if you find active termites bait in all the areas you find them. If you’ve got some in a skirting board, or a window sill, or outside in your sleepers, or in a tree, bait on those areas. Then what you do over time is you find out where the best feeding zone is and keep putting more bait in that area. At the start, it’s a bit of a test trial, you bait multiple areas, if they’re eating in all those areas keep rebaiting, every three weeks until the colony is gone.

Don’t do it all the time, you don’t want to upset the termites. So what you want to do is just leave it, be patient, every three weeks, that’s what we do as professionals, go back, check and rebait. At the start, when you’re trying to find where the main feeding source is, bait multiple areas, if they’re in multiple areas that is, if they’re in one area just bait that one area. It’s trial and error at the start, especially when you’re learning, but when they’re feeding, it’s working. If you see the bait change colour, go a browny colour from the white it is, that’s their excretion, they’re in amongst it feeding. So don’t check it every day, just go back every three weeks, check it, rebait, close it over, leave it and let them do their thing because they’re taking that back to the colony.

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