So another question is, “Where and how many areas do I put the bait?”. So always put the bait on active termites. It’s no good putting bait on old termite damage because there mightn’t be any termites there, you’re just going to place your bait, you’re going to waste your money as it’s just going to sit there as there’s no termites in that area. So if you don’t find termites, don’t bait randomly just hoping they’ll come to that area, but if you see any termites in that area, certainly bait. Bait on all areas you find active at the start, and over time you’ll find where they’re feeding the most, keep baiting that area the most as well. Normally it’s one colony at once and you can have multiple attacks, but generally if it’s in one area, it’s one colony attacking your home. So just keep baiting on that area, all areas at the start, keep baiting on the most consumed area over time to get that colony elimination.

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