This is a great question because it does happen, it even happens to us. There could be multiple reasons why they’re not taking the bait. If you’ve sprayed them with fly spray in that active area before you’ve baited, a lot of the time they won’t go back to that area because it’s been contaminated. So you’ve got to be really careful. You don’t want to go spraying any area you find active termites. You want to put the bait on the organic spot they’re in and they’re feeding on, jam the bait on them on that, cover the bait and leave it – but if it has been sprayed, sometimes it deters the colony from that area as they know there’s poison there and they send signals back to each other and they don’t come to that area.

Another thing is too, smokers, if you’re mixing the bait and you’re a smoker, it can contaminate the bait. So keep everything clean and keep your hands clean. As we say in our other videos, we’ve got a lot of tips and tricks, put gloves on, mix it pure, use good water. So you’re giving the bait the best option to work. If you contaminate the bait, termites pick up on it, they’re not silly, if there’s smoke and different things that aren’t a natural part of the environment all over the bait, they won’t take to it.

Also, people check it too often, that’s why we say three weeks. So bait on that active area, leave it three weeks, don’t check it every day as you’re going to upset them, some are very shy and they’ll disappear. So just bait on it, leave it, go back and check in three weeks. If they haven’t taken the bait, give us a call and we’ll explain reasons why it can happen and how to try and find a better area. Because it does happen, not very often, but look, we’re dealing with animals and they’re unpredictable sometimes . But as I said, we have follow up service on the phone so give us a call, it’s probably best off talking to one of our technicians and they’ll give you the best advice possible.

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