“How much bait do I place on active termites?”. So what we say is 100gm of bait to 350ml of water is the right consistency. You get 10 baiting sessions out of a 1kg bucket. 100gm is also 500ml in a jug, so you can fill a jug up with the powder to the 500ml mark and that’s the perfect amount with 350ml of clean water. We don’t like using tap water because there’s chlorine and other additives in it, so try and use clean; either tank water, or bottled water or buy some distilled water. This will give you the best results for the bait because it’s pure and that’s how much you put on each active area. If you check it in three weeks and they haven’t eaten any bait in some areas you don’t need to rebait, but if they’ve eaten 60% or 70%, rebait with that amount. You don’t need to overdo the bait, just keep feeding what the consumption rate is of the termites at the time.

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