So another question we get is, “How do the stations work?”.  So what we do with the stations is we place them at no more than three meter centres around your home creating a complete barrier, this is how we do it as professionals. The idea of the stations is, if termites are coming from an outside source, the colony is out here and we’ve got a barrier around your home, you’re protected from trying to get access as they will v-line to the stations instead. The reason they go to the stations is the timber and the cardboard is giving off co2 in the soil which emulates a decaying log, so they’re attracted to the co2 levels. Then when they get into the station, they feed on the timber, which is Tasmanian oak, one of their favourite food sources.

So that’s how they get to the stations. The idea is to have a full system around your home, so it intercepts any foraging termites coming to your home. Once they’re active in the station, you bait directly inside that hollow area and just keep baiting every three weeks, the termites will take the bait back to the colony and that’s how we gain colony elimination from having the stations in the ground.

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