We’re in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area and the metabolism of the termites is high all year round because we’re a warmer subtropical climate even through the winter they’re still busy. Whereas in places like Melbourne termites  slow right down in winter. Victoria and Tasmania hasn’t got the termites problems we have because it’s too cold. So in your colder areas they certainly slow down but the bait does work all over Australia on nearly all species. We’re trialing it at the moment on Mastotermes Darwiniensis, which are above the Tropic of Capricorn, they’re the biggest termites in the world, the great Northern termites is another name for them. They’re 14mm long, they’re three to four times the size of your standard Coptotermes which is the most aggressive in Australia.

The bait works on every species except the Mastotermes which we’re currently trialling, these are the big, aggressive termites and they’re above the Tropic of Capricorn. If you do see these massive termites and you live in areas around Darwin or Cairns, we recommend you get professionals out, because while they are feeding on the bait in our trials and it does seem to be working, they eat copious amounts. But all other species in Australia, love the bait, they’ll feed on it, they find the bait palatable and it will kill the colony over time. As I mentioned before, termites do have different molting times, so it’s a patience game, we’re trying to kill millions not thousands.



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