How to Set Out your Stations around Your Home – Site Set Out

Today I’m going to show you how to do a site set out. So just like professionals as we do, you’ll learn how to set your house out the same way with your in-ground stations. So basically, you can see this house is a standard house we do every day. So, you’ve got a driveway at the front, you’ve got a deck at the back, all we’re doing guys, is going around that house at three meter centre’s. So, we’ll divide areas up, if this is only seven and a half meters long here, you put them in at two and a half meter centre’s. It doesn’t matter if they come in less to get it even, it’s about being consistent and about having no more than three meter centre’s anywhere that’s for a full system. You can see we’ve got a driveway here guys, which sill span normally six meters on a standard home. So, what we do with our stations, is we bring them forward. So it stops termites coming in this direction, they’ll always deter to this station. If they’re coming from here, they’ll deflect to this station or to that station. So what the timbers in the attractant do in the station is they give off a C02 in the soil, so if the termite are foraging toward your house, the smell the CO2 and they head to the station. When you check your stations in that first year, between a month and six weeks, you open them up, see active termites, that’s when you bait directly on the termites. So basically what we’re doing is having a full circumference around your house. It doesn’t matter if there’s a deck there or even a pool, we can go around the pool and deck if you’ve got concrete in those areas.

If you’ve got all concrete around your house guys, those in-ground statins don’t suit your home. You’ll probably have to get professionals as you’ve got to core drill every hole and then put concrete statins in, we sell them as well but it’s a lot more expensive than doing it this way. So as you can see guys, we’ve got a unit, a lot simpler. So, it’s just a got a small driveway, which has only three meters, so you can go either side of that driveway, as long as you’ve got a full circumference around that unit it’s the same setup on every design. Whether you’ve got a pool, a deck, a patio, go around it guys as long as you don’t get more than three meter centre’s, you’ve got that full loop around your home we’re happy with that.

Some people just want to go strategic, they might just want to buy a 12 pack and put them scattered in areas, that’s fine too. It’s not going to give you a full circumference of your home but it’s going to help. You can put them in high vegetation in areas around hot water systems, around air conditioners, around leaking taps, all these areas are conducive, wherever you think it’s got water, low lying areas is conducive to termites. Have a great day, good luck guys. Get your system in well and you’ll rid your home of termites.

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