In-Ground Termite Bait Station Kit – 36 Pack + 2 kg Bait


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Get your termite monitoring started with an in-ground termite bait station kit. This pack includes 36 stations and lids, 36 cardboard spreaders, 144 timbers and 2 kg of bait. It’s the ideal size for a standard block. To calculate your pack size, we recommend measuring the perimeter of your property and dividing it by three. Depending on the colony size, you can expect about a year of termite baiting treatment.

Each station is made from engineer-grade, recycled plastic and has a screw lid that provides a waterproof seal. Once installed, the station sits flush with the lawn for safety when mowing and minimising visual obtrusion. The stations are incredibly durable and can be used for 20 years or more.

We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 12 months.

Everything you need to learn about termite monitoring is available at our Tips & Tricks. We provide step-by-step guides for inspecting, installing and baiting termites with blogs and video tutorials. You can also contact our team with any questions.


36 Stations
36 Lids
36 Cardboard Spreaders (1 per station)
144 Timbers (4 per station)
2 kg TermiGold Termite Bait
1 Measuring Jug
Step-By-Step Installation and Baiting Guide

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