A quick video showing you how to install a termite station

How to Install a termite station.

• Mark the ground where you are going to install your station, remembering stations need to be positioned no more than 3 meters apart

• Dig a hole to suit the size of the station, approximately 200mm deep

• Seat the station in the hole

• Check the height of the station sits flush with the ground rather than the height of the grass, add some soil to the base of your station if your hole is too deep

• Using the grass and the soil from the hole you have dug, start to compress and compact around the station starting at the base – you want to avoid any movement or fluctuations with the height of the stations over time

• Finish by compressing the top layer of the soil with a hammer and pressing down with your feet to ensure the station is secure in the ground

• Clean around your stations to ensure there are no stones or loose debris that could flick up when you are mowing or whipper-snippering

NOTE: as a professional company we install thousands of these stations and use a post hole shovel as you can see in the video however a spade will work well



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