Hi guys, Daniel here, Welcome to TermiGold!

I’m a Building Inspector and Pest Inspector, I’ve done over 7,000 building and pest inspections, I’m also the Managing Director of one of Australia’s leading termite companies – we eat, live, breathe, termites!

One of the common things we see when we’re visiting homeowners and clients is they all need a termite solution, but they can’t afford it when they need it the most. My goal and the reasons I started TermiGold, was to give the homeowner the opportunity to put a professional system in at a fraction of the price. Our stations are not only simple and easy to install, but they look great so they don’t affect the aesthetics of your home. They’re also made from the highest UV rated plastic on the market.

Our bait, we worked on for two and a half years with the help of scientists and chemists to formulate the bait that would match the best in the world, it does that now and it’s awesome. It’s also great in that colony elimination effect from the termites to the nest, it has that transfer effect and because it’s very palatable termites love it. It’s also very eco-friendly, so with your kids, your pets, it’s less toxic than table salt. The difference between us and other companies on the market is the after sales service and the tutorial videos we provide. So you get a step by step process from start to finish on any termite problem you have. You’ll be doing a system like a professional in no time with our guidance.

So guys, if you got termite problems at the moment, or you want to be proactive, or you’ve got them in the garden, have a look around our website, look at the product that suits you the best and we’re here to help you with all the tutorial videos from start to finish. Take care, have a great day.

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