4 Ways to Prevent Termites in Your Home


Termites are hard to spot. In fact, people often don’t notice them until they have caused significant damage to their home. The best thing you can do to protect your home is to take preventative measures and reduce your risk of termite infestation. Here are 4 simple but effective ways to prevent termites in your home:

#1 Remove Access

Timber in contact with the ground is one way subterranean termites get entry to your home. To avoid this, either raise all timbers 75mm above ground level with a steel stirrup or if you can’t do this, consider treating exposed timbers with termiticide to make it unappealing for termites. Termites tend to enter homes through small cracks in your slab, cavities or directly through the timber structure, so you need to make sure that any cracks, crevices and joints are well-sealed and have appropriate protection. Termites that enter through timber in contact with the ground through cracks and crevices are invisible to the layperson and are only noticed once a substantial amount of damage has occurred to your structure.  Pipe penetrations are another common areas of termite access eg gas, electrical and plumbing pipes all offer termites a high way into your home.

We recommend inspecting all of the above mentioned areas and be proactive to minimise the future threat of termite attack.

#2 Reduce Food Sources

Termites love your home because it’s basically an all-you-can-eat buffet for their colony. If you reduce their food source, they are less likely to target your home. We recommend that you remove any timber materials that are lying near the foundations of your home – this includes dead trees, firewood, landscaping mulch and any other dead wood. If you must have timber materials in your yard, make sure that they are at least 1 meter from your homes foundations! You should also make sure to trim overhanging trees and overgrown bushes, as termites can use these as paths to your home.

#3 Reduce Excess Moisture

You need to make sure that there is no water pooling around your home as a constant water supply is the number one attractant of active termites into a dwelling.

Make sure that all down-pipes, taps, air conditioners and hot water services are diverted away from your dwelling or have drainage in place beneath the overflow area to minimize any moisture build up. Constant water or moisture in one area is bound to attract termites sooner rather than later.

#4 The Most Certain Preventative Measure – Use Bait Stations!!

Bait stations are the most effective solution out there for preventing termites and eliminating entire termite colonies. The job of these bait stations is to attract and kill  termites, and therefore to prevent them from accessing and damaging your home. Bait stations are an affordable termite prevention and elimination solution that will give you long-term peace of mind.

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More Termite Information

If you have any questions about ways to prevent termites, please get in touch. We provide the most effective DIY termite treatment solutions in Australia. Our products were developed for DIY and professional use, and they are lethal to termites but safe for your family, pets and the environment. Worried that you already have termites? Check out 5 Signs of Termites You Need to Know.

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