So what the bait does is, you bait directly on active termites and the termites take that back to the colony, which has got the queen in it. Our goal is to get rid of the queen, she’s the barometer of the whole colony, so if you take out the queen the whole colony is gone within two weeks. The idea of the bait is the workers feed on the bait, so you put it on active termites, whether it’s in your house, in your sleepers, in a tree, anywhere you find active. They’re taking that bait back to the colony, they’re a social animal, they’re passing it to each other, the workers are feeding the soldiers and the queen. So it doesn’t matter how far the queen is away from the source, they’re taking the bait back to that point.

Termites molt several times a year, when they eat large amounts of the bait it stops their molting process and that kills off the workers who feed the soldiers and the queen, so the queen and the soldiers die of starvation. Also, when the workers die in the molting process, they give off ammonia, which is like a gas that also kills the queen. So that’s how you get colony elimination, once the queen’s gone, the colony’s gone within two weeks. It’s not a super quick process, it depends on what sort of species it is, but once they start feeding on the bait, you’re guaranteed, you’ll get full colony elimination in time.

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