As you may already know, termites, if left unchecked, can cause massive destruction to your home and cost you a fortune in repairs. Because of this lingering threat, it’s important to keep up to date with regular termite protection methods to avoid the risk of a damaged home. When it comes down to it, many people will immediately bypass the thought of at home termite treatment in favour of hiring a professional to apply a chemical treatment. This, however, can cost them a lot more money and not be nearly as effective!

Home Termite Treatment is Not Complicated!

The reason many people choose for a professional to visit their home is because they’re under the impression that ‘doing it yourself’ is a complex and time-consuming task. Well, it’s not! Termite stations can easily be set up using minimal equipment, professional-grade products and with how-to advice from industry experts. Here’s why it’s easier than you think:

1. Minimal Equipment is Needed

12-Kit - termite bait stations

Conducting an at-home termite treatment can feel intimidating when you consider the amount of equipment that might be required. In actual fact, all that’s really needed is simple garden equipment such as a shovel and a wheelbarrow to remove dirt. All you need to do is dig a hole into the ground, place the station in the ground, pack the dirt around it tightly, and finish the top flush with the soil.

Once it’s in-ground, all you need to do is monitor the station monthly and keep a close eye on it for any termite activity. If you notice termites, you can easily apply termite bait into the station, and wait for total colony elimination. It’s that easy!

2. Professional-Grade Products

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No termite treatment can be carried out effectively without the right products. Instead of heading to your local Bunnings and getting any product, it’s important to do your research and pick a professional grade product capable of complete colony elimination. TermiGold’s termite bait was developed by industry experts and designed for both professional and DIY use. Once termites begin to feed on this bait, total colony elimination will occur due to the way termites transfer their food sources.

Home delivery and also being able to purchase termite bait stations with termite bait saves any homeowner the hassle of sourcing their own products, making home termite treatment that much easier.

3. Easy-to-Follow Tutorials

Once you’ve gathered your equipment and your termite bait stations arrive, carrying out a DIY termite treatment may seem daunting. This is why TermiGold creates easy-to-follow guides and tutorials, so even the most inexperienced homeowner can safely carry out this process. Whether you need to know how termite bait works, how to position your termite stations or how to apply bait to active termites, all this information can be found online! TermiGold creates these tips and tricks videos to give you confidence when carrying out your home termite treatment.

Contact TermiGold to Get Rid of Termites for Good!

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